Upcoming Films

These are movies you should expect to see after the current one we are working on is finished.

Please leave comments or questions. We are interested to know which you are more anxious to see.

All of our movies are written by Eric Tims.




Name: Master of the Custodial Arts

Genre: Comedy

Description: Three high-school janitors fight against their boss by creating their own company.

Progress: Being filmed - 45% Done.

Name: Unknown

Genre: Horror/Slasher

Description: A high-school janitor and his three friends begin to notice murders at their school. Things only get worse when they not only find out that they are the victims, but that one of them may even be the killer.

Progress: Script being written - 10% Done.

Name: Unknown

Genre: Horror/Zombie

Description: A high-school janitor and his three friends fight off their zombie infested town by boarding up in their school.

Progress: None.

Master of the Custodial Arts
This is our first movie, hopefully out of more soon to come, fixing to be released on our site. It is a comedy about three janitors who get tired of being pushed around by their boss. One of them comes up with an idea to create a company, where all janitors can fit in. A cooperation of janitors.... Janicorp! Here they will do something more with their lives and prove their boss wrong.
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