Independent Stories

Here We will post up stories that you have made yourself so that others my enjoy them.

So far there one great story that we've found cheack it out your self or wait for us to post it up, at the current time we are waiting for permission to post it up.

KHat / aka Kevin Hathaway

Love to read independent stories and watch the films here's a great story full of action, suspence, and comed  but you cant read it here. Go to   and read it under his blogs I think you'll love it, no I know you will ... The story is called The Chronicles of Eternal Mana. (Spread the word!! thats an order)



  Asetic Knight

A New addition to the story base line up here is Demon's Crest by Asetic Knight, This story was based off of a Capcom game made by the snes(Super Nintendo) The writer himself is currently having computer problems and does not know when he will be releasing the second chapter to this.




Another Addition to the sites story space is A Tales of Phantasia Christmas it was done by its 20 yr old creator GoldenTalesGeek If you like this story and would like to speak with the aurthor and tell him your opinions or just simply wish to speak with him go to 



Master of the Custodial Arts
This is our first movie, hopefully out of more soon to come, fixing to be released on our site. It is a comedy about three janitors who get tired of being pushed around by their boss. One of them comes up with an idea to create a company, where all janitors can fit in. A cooperation of janitors.... Janicorp! Here they will do something more with their lives and prove their boss wrong.
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