Demon's Crest by Asetic Knight




 Demon's Crest


Asetic Knight of the Asetic clan. 10/10/2006




This story was inspired by the Snes version Demon's crest



Firebrand the great red demon has finaly finished his quest, collecting the seven magical crests. His quest is finaly over he takes off remembering the tragic battle that took place. The gathering of the demons, many demons have went on this quest to collect the seven magical crests and all have failed. The battle that took place was one thousand demons fighting to the death for these crest. Finaly the last opponent fell, body's stacked on each other. Blood all over the place and on the stack of dead demons stood only one! Firebrand the demon that defeated them all. after the battle. The great demon flew into the air flying over the demon realm, over the mountains, but as Firebrand is flying he hear's a screech behind him, his wounds have not yet healed and a demon appeard catching him of guard. a fire ball comes from the demon and hit's Firebrand, as Firebrand starts to fall, the other demon stops in mid-air cathing him then holds Firebrand up to his face a light comes from the demons free hand and the seven stones fly to him.

"I know who you are but do you know who I am!?... I am Phalanx! Thank you for the crests... better yet Ill just keep this one." The demon holds up the heavens crest as saying that. ~is a golden crest with a backwords seven on it~

"The strongest of them all, I'll let you collect the rest from my loyal servants."

Phalanx lets Firebrand fall, to the demon realm blow."Well Meet Again!!!" The red demon screached as gravity took its toal and the red demon fell toward the demon earth.

"Muahahaha!!! I'm sure well meet again...In fact I'm looking forward to it!"

chapter 1


Firebrand fallls through the clouds that where once just hovering below him. In his plain old demon form, he falls in what appears to be an olympic arena after he hits the ground he stands up and looks around him, in front of him is a bared gate and around him stone walls, he turns around, to see a chained door. He starts to head for it when he hears a clap of thunder, he turns to the direction of the sound which came from the gate all that could be seen was shadows then two giant glares come from the inside of the gate, thunder claps again then a monsterous roar


Firebrand realized the sound of thunder was a dragons steps, ~a dragon that was suppose to be dead and long gone~ and the glares were eye's, while firebrand moved back toward the door, the dragon takes three advancing steps then roars again.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......who dares disturbes me in my home!?!"At that the gate in front of Firebrand starts to lift.

The demon inside steps out of the shadows. It was a decaying dragon huge in size as though it could ingulf a town, its wing where so monsterous they could blow you off balance with each flap.

"Why Look... If it isn't Firebrand, the one who made me this way! Where are your stones now?....It looks like you are not victoreous anymore!!!"

The dragon takes two more steps toward Firebrand.

"Nows the time for my revenge!"

The dragon starts walking toward him, Firebrand starts to back up.

"Your not going any where." the dragon grunted

The dragon stops in his tracks and Firebrand backs up,

The huge monster then spits out a Fireball the size of a house. It hits the ground and seperates making a trail of fire going to Firebrand who jumps in the nick of time. The demon then spits out another ball of fire, Firebrand backs up to the door behind him the demon bends his head down to unleash another ball of hells rain on him, hitting and destryoing the lock on the chains but leaving the door unscaved. "Trapped like a rat!" The red demon thought to himself

Firebrand jumps up and starts flying~his wings were damaged and couldn't fly that high~ he bends his arms up past his waist, hitting the dragon with his own breath of fire. The dragon roars and falls on its knees as the fireball hit him in the eyes. Firbrand drops and runs up to the door that was behind him and goes out. ~he noticed erailier that the chains was a tough metal and was to hard for his firebreath to break, but lucky for him the dragons did the job~ The sky is dark the statues of a demon resembling Gargoyles is up on pedastools which where conected to fences made of barbed wire.

Behind him the door is hit with a fireball, blowing it up.

"I told you... I... will ...kill you!!!" the dragon roared

The dragon sticks his head out of the whole where the door once stood. Blowing a huge fireball at Firebrand. Firebrand jumps up and starts flying toward the dragons head dodging the monsters fireball.

"Looks Like I have no choice!"

Firebrand shoots three fireballs at the dragon.

The dragon Roars as one conected at its forehead bringing blood and brains as the other tow fire balls hit in the same spot. "Rrrrrrrrr.....I guess you are the Great Demon........."

The head of the dragon falls to the ground and his body turns to dust leaving just the bones of the dragon behind. ~Dragons were to godlike there bodies weren't ever ment to decay, so there bodies would turn to ash after there heads fell off~

"Goodbye Shin." Firebrand said to the remains of the dead dragon

Firebrand turns and follows a line of pillars that was behing him. ~the demon world is quiet different then the human world the humans worlds enterence is a giant demon statue that can be seen any where on the outside. Think of it more like an after life for the evil and corupted souls of man, Zombies run wild, dragons, under water creatures, birds made of bones, and demons~ The pillars lead him to a path, A zombie comes up to the red demon and tries to attack him Firebrand jumps up and rips off its head, the zombies body falls on the ground limp and turns to ashes.

"Forget this! I'm flying."

Firebrand takes off flying and comes on to a couple of werewolves.

"why look if it isn't the red demon Firebrand." ~the wolves had throwing axes in there hands~ The wolves started throwing axes as Firebrand, He jumps down and hits one of the wolves with a fireball sending it right threw its chest.


The other wolve starts thowing more axes, and one hits Firebrand cutting a nick out of his right arm.

"RRRRRRRaaaaaaahhhhh.......YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!!!"

The red demon jumps on the werewolves shoulders and takes a chunk out of its arm, with his teeth, then he took his hands and put them on the wolves gash squeezing not letting go as the wolf cried in pain.

"Here let me get that for you!!!"

Firebrand rips the wolf's arm off, blood goes all over Firebrands face. Firebrand looks down at the wolf's eyes as they started to tear up, Firebrand then took a hand and dug his claws in the wolfs face then pulled hard ripping off its face, the wolf falls to the ground and dies. Firebrand holds his arm and moves on, Firebrand comes up to a statue of a demon who looked kinda like him but has a longer beak.

    "A Gargoyle...."





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