This is the Spitting Lizards cast and crew!
Eric Tims (Director/Writer/Editor/Producer/Actor)

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Dustin Mount (Actor)
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Tyler Simmons (Actor)
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Josh Proffitt (Actor/Website Creator)
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Austin Mauldin (Camera Man)
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Kye Billings (Cameo Appearance)
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Daniel Johnson (Cameo Appearance)
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Joseph Vidal (Cameo Appearance)
Master of the Custodial Arts
This is our first movie, hopefully out of more soon to come, fixing to be released on our site. It is a comedy about three janitors who get tired of being pushed around by their boss. One of them comes up with an idea to create a company, where all janitors can fit in. A cooperation of janitors.... Janicorp! Here they will do something more with their lives and prove their boss wrong.
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