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Scene 9: Bannerman's Protest

Description: Bannerman tells Eric he doesn't like Janicorp

Actors: Eric, Josh, Tyler, Dustin.



Shot 1:

(Bannerman walks down the hall.)

Shot 2:

(Bannerman walks up to Eric, Tyler, Dustin. He points at Eric.)

Josh/Ban: "I need to speak with you!"

(Eric turns to Tyler and Dustin.)

Eric: "You guys got my back right?"

Tyler and Dustin: "Yeah sure man."

(Eric turns to Bannerman. In the background Tyler and Dustin throw down their mops and run towards the door. Dustin kicks the door open and Tyler falls down. Tyler cries for help and then tells Dustin to save Himself, Dustin tries to pull Tyler out but then runs at his commands. Eric and Bannerman keep stairing in their direction not moving.)

Shot 3:

(Eric turn to Bannerman as Tyler crawls out the door.)

Eric: "What's this about?"

Josh/Ban: "JaniCorp!?"

Eric: "Oh, so you saw the commercial?"

Josh/Ban: "Yeah..he he it was cute. What the Hell is Janicorp?"

Eric: "Its my company, for janitors everywere."

Josh/Ban: "Oh that's Wonderful."

Eric: "Look, you told me to do something with my life. I'm just following your advice."

Josh/Ban: "Yeah, but not while your working for me. Either you quit this crap or you quit this job."

Eric: "Yes sir."

(Bannerman walks out into a locker. Eric looks disappointed.)

Master of the Custodial Arts
This is our first movie, hopefully out of more soon to come, fixing to be released on our site. It is a comedy about three janitors who get tired of being pushed around by their boss. One of them comes up with an idea to create a company, where all janitors can fit in. A cooperation of janitors.... Janicorp! Here they will do something more with their lives and prove their boss wrong.
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