A Tales of Phantasia Christmas by GoldenTalesGeek

A Tales of Phantasia Christmas

Chapter 1: The Invitation

It was unusually snowy around the newly rebuilt village of Toltus this winter. It was even enough to close the Alvein School of Sword-Fighting. But it wasn’t enough to deter Cless Alvein, the head of the School, from his daily training regimen. “Demonic Swallow Kick!” he roared, lunging at the training dummy he had set up. It was the first Secret Skill he had ever mastered, and he practiced it whenever it was possible to do so.

Once he unleashed the attack on the dummy, Cless then unleashed another technique. “Sword Rain!”

A young woman dressed in the uniform of a healer came down the stairs. “Training again, Cless?” she asked him.

“You never know when a big threat like Dhaos was will arise, Mint.” Cless replied in between swings.

“That’s true, but you mustn’t overexert yourself.” Mint said cautiously.

Cless stopped and sighed deeply. “I know…” he said, his eyes narrowing, his thoughts turning to his dead parents.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “I wonder who that is.” Mint said.

“I know it’s not Chester.” Cless said, sheathing his sword. “He’s still in Euclid, doing some intensive training.”

Mint opened the door and came face-to-face with an Elven messenger. “Excuse me, I’m looking for Cless Alvein or Mint Adnade.” The messenger said.

“That’s us.” Mint said.

“Arche Klaine asked me to give you this.” The messenger said, handing Cless a letter.

“Huh. We haven’t heard from Arche in a while.” he remarked.

“Yeah,” Mint agreed. “I wonder what she’s writing us about.”

“Let’s see.” Cless said, opening the letter.

He read it over. “What is it?” Mint asked, noticing the smile that appeared on Cless’ face.

“Arche is inviting us to a Christmas party at her home in the Elven Colony!” he replied.

“What?!” Mint asked, surprised.

“Here,” Cless said, handing her the letter. “Read it for yourself!”

Mint took the letter and read it aloud: “Dear Cless & Mint, I’m sorry for not writing since your last visit. I’ve been busy settling down with my mother in the Elven Colony. The Elves have started to allow half-Elves like myself to live there, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys would like to come to a Christmas party at my new home. Send an RSVP as soon as possible! With love, Arche. P.S. Chester can come too! P.P.S. I will have a couple of special guests coming! They’re looking forward to seeing you!”

“I wonder who she meant by ‘special guests’?” Cless asked.

“You don’t think…?” Mint asked, looking at Cless in wonderment.

Cless shook his head, understanding what Mint was implying. “I don’t think it’d be possible.” he said.

“Well, we’d better send Arche a response.” Mint said.

“I’ll go write it right now!” Cless said excitedly.

Cless quickly ran upstairs and wrote out a response. He put it in an envelope, sealed it with the emblem of the Alvein School of Sword-Fighting, and then ran it down to the Elven messenger.

“Thank you.” The Elf said. “I will take this to Arche as soon as possible.”

With a blinding flash of light, he was gone. “It seems the Elves have learned to teleport themselves from place to place magically.” Mint remarked.

“Sure beats time-travel.” Cless said, rubbing his eyes.

“Well, we’d better go find Chester in Euclid.” Mint said.

“Yeah,” Cless said. “Arche did say we can bring him.”

So, after locking up the School, Cless and Mint headed north towards Euclid, where their friend was continuing to hone his skill as a bowman.

Meanwhile, in Ymir Forest, the Elven messenger had delivered Cless’ message to Arche. After reading it, she smiled. “This is gonna be one Christmas they’ll never forget!” she said to herself.

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